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Noah Becker “Violet”

Noah Becker

“Violet” 4X5 ft oil on canvas  –  2015

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Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla ‘love gardens’ 2013



1999 | Moonlight Zoo | Jean-François Lepage

Jean-François Lepage

Moonlight Zoo is a brand new site where Jean-François Lepage is curating his own work with comments on his artistic choices and his carreer.

A good place to discover or review this very unique universe.

“The first magazine I’ve been working with, after my long break, was Spoon magazine in 1998. Beside Karine Chane Yin and Patrice Fuma Courtis, I rediscovered the atmosphere of my early time when I was collaborating with new magazines in Italy, England, Usa and France. In my youth, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who helped me to love this profession but also to grow and fight for my ideas. This may seem, to some people, not very important or unrealistic that a fashion designer, an art director or a photographer have the desire to fight for something but yet the history of our diciplines proves just the opposite. I’ve always liked the first steps of magazines because there is a kind of freshness and insouciance. A particular atmosphere which above all pushes us to progress.”

via 1999 | Moonlight Zoo.

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Gleb Kosorukov

Gleb Kosorukov ‘the loop of the Buttes Chaumont’ : a manifesto of the alternative video 2013

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Eric Fischl ‘Bad Boy’ 1981

Eric Fischl ‘Bad Boy’ 1981

‘Bad Boy’ 1981 Oil On Canvas 66 x 96 inches from “Early Paintings 1979 – 1983”



Yvaral – Double Six

Yvaral : Double Six / four,  from a portfolio of 6 serigraphs – 1972