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SPOON Magazine is always open for new talents, and providing them place to showcase. If you are a photographer, stylist, illustrator, artist, whatever… and you feel like this is a space for your work to be considered, and showcased, SPOON can be the place to be. This page will enable you to upload on your works, that will be examined one by one and approved by our editorial staff. The best ones will be shown on SPOON ’s blog (as well as on our Facebook page,twitter page and Tumblr too) and the best ones will be also published in the magazine.



Create your submission

Simple! we made it simple. Insert the required data fields, you will have to provide your name and email, and content, of course : send!

Your submissions

Select the photos/works you wish to submit to SPOON (max of 5 files per post), once it have been uploaded, you will have to await approval from to be published on our site. Select among the tags that better describe your uploads. Always read carefully all the Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Consent for Use of Photographs you will find on SPOON.

Review our FAQs section for more infos




-file sizes for submissions : minimum of 600X400px maximum of 2000X1500px
-you can upload a maximum of 5 files in one submission






Can I upload photos with my personal copyright logo or watermark on them?

No: any submission with a watermark will be rejected by SPOON

How long will I need to wait for my photos to be approved?
The editorial staff looks at each of the photos uploaded one by one,the time needed for any possible publication of a submission is a minimum of one day and a maximum of one week.

What are the criteria used for photos to be approved and published?
SPOON editorial staff carefully assesses each submission. From among the photos uploaded, the ones thought most interesting are chosen for inclusion on the blog. Note that we will not publish some advertorial or anything clearly related to commercial promotional material.

What is the maximum of files I can submit in one post?
5 files.

What is the maximum or minimum sizes for the files?
minimum is 600X400 px and maximum 1500X1500 px.

Is it possible to change the title or content of a post once it has been uploaded?
No, this is not possible to change these, even if the photo has not yet been approved or published.
The best way is to re-submit your post, with different title or pictures.

Do I need to have a title and tags for submissions I upload?
Yes, you need to have one title, tags must done this way : tag1,tag2,tag3 (comma separated).

Will submission selected to be published in the magazine carry the author’s names?
Yes, of course : in that case we will contact you before anyway.

If I want to work for SPOON, is this the right space to get myself noticed and make contact with the editorial staff?
Yes, Spoon-publishing is a good way to submit your work to us. As we’ve said above, SPOON Magazine is always looking for new talents, and has always been a showcase for upcoming artists. So if you feel like this is a space for your work to be considered, and showcased, SPOON can be the place to be.

If I want to work for SPOON, but I do not want to submit like this what should I do?
In that case use our contact form at this address.