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SPOON Magazine | 02 Teaser 04

SPOON Magazine | 02  Teaser 04

Liquid Sky Revisited by Slava Tsukerman

Liquid Sky SPOON 02

Capture from cult movie Liquid Sky (1982) by Slava Tsukerman – Anne Carlisle

Slava Tsukerman took New York City as the source of inspiration for his cult movie Liquid Sky.

The film  which was defined in the fundamental study of contemporary art The Scandal of Pleasure by Wendy Steiner, as the “concise presentation of postmodern concerns”.
He revisited 30 years after the movie locations with his iconic heroin Anne Carlisle and mesures time and space changes with an accurate and ironic point of view.

“LIQUID SKY” STAR Anne Carlisle is visiting UNION SQUARE of the past.

“LIQUID SKY”  trailer


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