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SPOON Magazine | 01 | Credits SPOON MAGAZINE 01 credits Ph. Patrice Fuma Courtis SPOON MAGAZINE 01 Credits nebulae Ph. Patrice Fuma Courtis

SPOON Magazine | 01 | Credits

SPOON Magazine New edition | 01 |


SPOON 01 credits Ph. Patrice Fuma Courtis

SPOON 01 Credits nebulae Ph. Patrice Fuma Courtis

SPOON is a publication of Maindanslamain ltd
Maindanslamain ltd
145-157 St. John Street
London EC1V 4PW England
[email protected]


Founders, art directors 
Karine Chane Yin & Patrice Fuma Courtis


Lars Botten
Thomas Brun
Patrice Fuma Courtis
Steve Hiett
Edward Lane
Jean-François Lepage
Samuel Overington
Stephen Rose
Luis Sanchis


Karine Chane Yin
Lorri Sendel
Joanna thaw
Linda Wickmann


Gleb Kozorukov
Andrew Lyman
Hormazd Narielwalla


Production “Yet another world” editorial
Photographer Patrice Fuma courtis
shot in reunion island co-produced with 7000 magazine
Special thanks to Katrina Tee


A big thank you for your help, support, and time 
Marie courtis, Granon digital , Steve hiett, Nikita Kouznetsov, Darryl Rodrigues

Special thanks 
Thomas Brun, Emmanuel Gimeno, Brigitte Hymans, Laurent Made, Michel Maidenberg


Photographer Steve Hiett


Back cover
Photographer Luis Sanchis


SPOON™ paper and online contents are copyright 2013 maindanslamain ltd. reproduction in part or in full, in any manner, is strictly prohibited without the written permission from maindanslamain ltd. SPOON™ magazine welcomes, but cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited materials.


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