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COOL POLA by Steve Hiett

COOL POLA by Steve Hiett

La Hune : parisian Rive Gauche district cult bookshop, invited our contributor and dear friend Steve Hiett to curate and exhibit his amazing vintage polaroids collection.

COOL POLA by Steve Hiett Spoon
SPOON VOL 5 – 1999

«COOL POLA» put together a series of polaroids collages with very particular Steve Hiett style : an immediately recognizable association of strong saturated colors with singular frame, that has been his trademark of over 40 years.
After painting and graphism studies, a swinging London pop singer carreer, Steve Hiett started to work as a fashion photographer for Nova Magazine in the late sixties, and became quickly recognized, he worked notably for Vogue UK, Vogue France, Vogue Italia, Marie-Claire and SPOON…
Steve has been our cover photographer of all issues, no exceptions, for over 2 decades !
La Hune is the perfect spot to have a break during the crazy fashion week, and discover this unique cool fashion photography show. Mosaics of polaroids which widen the angle, usually too limited by this small media format : the result is exceptional and dynamic, and composition comes with a touch of unexpected photographic cubism.
Steve’s «COOL POLA» can be seen till the 15th of February at La Hune

16 Rue de l’Abbaye
75006 Paris
from 10:30am to 7:30pm


COOL POLA Steve Hiett

Right : It’s Rouge #3 – 2003  Left : Vogue Japan – 2002

COOL POLA By Steve Hiett

SPOON VOL 06 – 1999

COOL POLA by Steve Hiett

It’s Rouge – 2003

Cool Polas Steve Hiett Spoon Blog e


Cool Polas Steve Hiett Spoon Blog f


Cool Polas Steve Hiett Spoon Blog a





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