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Life Else Where

Life Else Where :

We recently  had a nice article about SPOON on Life Else Where site.

lifeelswhere lelogo

Life Elsewhere is a source for all things arts, culture and media, founded by British radio personality, Norman B. , who was involved in the raise of the “grunge” movement (that might explain they selected our B cover, for their article:-))

They describe themselves as :

dedicated to bringing you an intellectual (and entertaining) approach to today’s trending topics, as well as insight into fascinating subjects found off the mainstream spectrum.

and we can only agree with this, not to mention this is an ad free media too!



Galerie Madé : Steve Hiett

Galerie Madé : Steve Hiett

Last week SPOON was partnering Steve Hiett exhibition ” she knows me too well” a selection of early photographs, at Galerie Madé, Paris. Read more…



Steve Hiett : early photographs

‘She Knows Me Too Well’ Some early photographs

Galerie Madé in Paris presents “She knows me too well” a selection of early photographs from Steve Hiett


Although the style of this English photographer during the past three decades may be familiar, with colours that are often saturated and a slightly off-kilter composition, his work from the three previous decades. the 60s, 70s and 80s, remains largely unknown.
It is the iconic images from this period that the exhibition is attempting to lift from a body of work that is already full of images produced for the fashion media, mainly English and French, as well as for advertising.


Galerie Madé
30 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

We have no idea if this work will be featured in the exhibition, but this is the first ever fashion work from Steve that we published in 1999 in the magazine “Let Lite”.
At the time beeing Steve showed us the first pictures he did for Nova magazine in 1969. We decided to publish them including the High Speed Kodak film framing, on translucent paper and with a text from Steve telling us bits of the swinging London.

Let lite cover Steve Hiett Nova 1969Let lite magazine Steve Hiett text Let Lite Steve Hiett Kodak Film



Bruno Fournier – Grands Collages

Bruno Fournier – Grands Collages

Bruno Fournier is featured in SPOON Magazine | 02, as a photographer, [here].
More known for his nudes, he is presenting big format collages for his new exhibition in Paris.
Starts on friday October 10 : save the date. Read more…



SPOON | 02 available!

SPOON Magazine New edition | 02
120 pages, format 24.5X24.5CM, 12€
If you didn’t pre-ordered this issue, you can now order it online : here
You can buy it in Paris if you want to pay a visit at 0fr bookshop Read more…



Michel Momy Sky Diary 26 08 2014

Sky Diary August 26 2014 by Michel Momy